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Cluster monitor. A tool for monitoring popular web-cluster service from OH9W/OH2AQ Radio Club Switcher. Simple software to handle devices connected to LPT port

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CallTTY Änderung- und Freigabeanmerkungen


DTMF-decoder is improved.


Sound device with number above ten can be used also.


CallTTY can work under Windows Vista now.

CallTTY can exchange receiving and transmitting data with another software via COM-port or special DLL now.


CallTTY together with Virtual Audio Cable can work via Skype Internet-phone now.

Input and output sound devices can be selected independently now.


A bug was fixed - a changing of the "Setup / Interface / Real sound card sampling rate" value had not affect without CallTTY restarting.

Not only device numbers, but also device names are shown in the "Setup / Interface / Use sound card number" drop-down list now.


Some minor bugs were fixed.


The "Setup / Text / Unshift on silence" option was made.

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