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Cluster monitor v1.2.2

Cluster monitor — Downloads und Registrierung

Cluster monitor is a tool for web-cluster and telnet-cluster monitoring. The program shows spot history, the latest spots are shown in a separate window with full information about the DX, announcements, WWV propagation, and full sorting and filtering capability. Full support for DXAtlas by VE3NEA. Integrated dial-up support.

Plattform: Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

[Screenshot von Cluster monitor

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Programm Übersicht

To use Cluster monitor you need an internet connection (LAN or dial-up). The program has been tested only with the OH9W/OH2AQ web-cluster. You can sort spots by date and time, DX callsign, the spotter, or frequency. Time synchronization has been implemented in the program.

Cluster monitor has a single main window with full spots list. Additional windows for last 25 spots and for information about DX station are dockable. You can have them as a separate windows or put them on the main program window as shown on the screenshot.

Cluster monitor can integrate with DXAtlas by VE3NEA. It can display the location of the spotted DX-stations on the map.

DXsoft Cluster Monitor is integrated with AALog and AAVoice


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