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Cluster monitor. A tool for monitoring popular web-cluster service from OH9W/OH2AQ Radio Club Switcher. Simple software to handle devices connected to LPT port

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AAVoice versions history

V1.4.6 beta (10 Dec 2002)

PTT control bug is fixed.

V1.4.5 beta (23 Oct 2002)

New COM function is added.

V1.4.4 beta (6 Sep 2002)

~[i ] was changed. Now it check if sound file with the name equal to Call is exists, If it exists then this file playing.

V1.4.3 beta (6 Aug 2002)

Keyboard hook was added. Now it's possible to run AAVoice macroses from any application. If F1..F12 key is pressed then macros which set on this key run.

V1.4.2 beta (4 Apr 2002)

AAVoice stops playing macros when ESC button pressed now.

V1.4.1 beta (29 Dec 2001)

Minor bug of COM interface was fixed.

New sample sound files were added.

V1.4.0 beta (18 Dec 2001)

Selecting sound directory was added.

Now AAVoice is a COM server. You can use it from your programs. More detail in https://www.dxsoft.com/aavoicesdk.zip.

Bug with sound files path was fixed.

V1.3.1 beta (15 Apr 2001)

Several small bugs were fixed.

V1.3.0 beta (13 Mar 2001)

Mike button was added.

Bug with zero “number” parameter of the RP macro command was fixed.

V1.2.0 beta (30 Jan 2001)

~[rp] macros was added.

V1.1.2 beta (12 Jul 2000)

Endless error message when sound file not exists was fixed.

V1.1.1 beta (17 May 2000)

Program work properly with any soundcard now (on some soundcards indicator of output value does not work, try download the latest drivers for it).

V1.1.0 beta (10 May 2000)

Resizable window of AAVoice.

Customized button size, titles and number of rows.

V1.0.1 beta (14 Apr 2000)

Bug with ~[tx] macros was fixed.

Symbols ‘/’ and ‘\’ in callsigns work properly now.

V1.0.0 beta (12 Apr 2000)

First public version was released.

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